title : KOS at PVSEC-19
  Date : 2009-12-18
  The 19th International Photovolataic Sience and Engineering Conference and Exhibition were held at Jeju International Convention Center on November 9th to 11th.

In September of 2009, KOS introduced KOSBON to the international market at the PVSEC in Hamburg, Germany. Successively in November, KOS was able to promote KOSBON to the domestic market in Jeju Convention Center.

As one of the only provider of PV Ribbon who is currently undertaking three national projects that are available in Korea, KOS was the prime focus from all domestic module manufacturers as well as the academics who attended the Jeju exhibition.

Although the exhibition's purpose was to mainly discuss the future prospect and current technologies available to the solar industry, due to gathering of small number of elite companies with expert knowledge in all areas of solar energy (such as tabbing machine, inverter, module, cell, wafer, silicon, etc) there was an extensive exchange of valuable information.

As KOSBON (PV Ribbon) is receiving close and constant attention from both domestic and international market, KOS is putting all efforts towards improving techniques and current production capabilities.
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